Automate Your Commercial Relationships with Touchless Transactions



No Invoicing Required
Improve your quote-to-cash processes

Moving from paper to digital processes — like an industrial blockchain network — can allow for the automation of commercial relationships. 

Oilfield logistics and equipment company Nuverra, recently partnered with field ticket information solution FieldFX and Data Gumbo, provider of GumboNet™, the trusted transactional network for tomorrow’s industrial leaders, to discuss leveraging technology to:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies
  • Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Increase cash flow
  • Minimize Operational Expenditure (OPEX) through automation

By collecting operational field data to digest real-world events, then applying agreed pricing rules to generate pre-reconciled payments, GumboNet enables Nuverra’s customers to access real-time records and remove the invoice from the quote-to-cash process. 

Gain instant access to the recent webinar to learn more about how you can embrace a modern approach to creating touchless transactions quickly.

Insights are shared by speakers William Fox, Chief Product Officer, Data Gumbo; Greg Tipton, VP CIO, Nuverra Environmental Solutions; and Bob Swanson, Sr. Solution Engineer, Liquid Frameworks. It is a quick case study that highlights a better way to execute transactions in today’s world.