Production has long been accompanied by an ‘at any cost’ mentality, instead of a profitable mindset.

Data Gumbo’s partnership with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers deploys GumboNet™ to support cost savings and efficiencies in commercial transactions to deliver real-time lease operating expenses (LOE). Alliance members can access GumboNet at a 20% discounted rate. The primary costs involved are simple transaction fees based on the value of the transactions that flow through the network.

Now, more than ever, it’s an imperative to function in a low-cost environment. To do so, operators must know exactly what and how to cut.

Final TAEP Partners with Data Gumbo

Smart contracts powered by blockchain technology can help operators gain transactional transparency, digitize manual and paper processes, decrease OPEX and CAPEX and create sustainable results that include:

  • Realize production decision impact daily

  • Modify operations to meet current demand

  • Capture spend as it happens

  • Harvest field data and performance metrics 

  • Auditable joint interest billing

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